Friday’s Event: Human Trafficking, A Community Approach

2CHOICESThis Friday we had the opportunity to volunteer as facilitators for a discussion on human trafficking that was put together by a public health graduate student. We learned about the different areas surrounding human trafficking and the community impact on what to do with the impact. The experience taught me so much about the areas surrounding human trafficking that the people in the community are trying to combat. Human trafficking is an umbrella of issues that involve poverty, gender violence and political flaws.

The biggest take away I thought was the need for training on how to address when encountering someone who is being trafficked. We have a few ways of identifying the victims who are being trafficked. However, when it comes to the process after identification most people seemed uninformed as to what the next steps were. As the day went on, I did find sources that educate on the subject. It is important to educate ourselves on how to first identify someone who is being trafficked and the best way to look this up is at the website:

Another huge aspect that is detrimental in helping end human trafficking is the stigma behind the actual act of human trafficking.There is a lack of education and awareness on the subject, because our society makes it seem like trafficking just like sex is a taboo topic. As a society, we try to make it seem like human trafficking is not happening in our country because our group homes aren’t protecting our girls, communities aren’t filled with strip clubs with girls that do not want to be there and the way we educate girls and boys on sex is completely different. We were glad to be able to attend and help the event run smoothly because it was both an educational and networking opportunity for the both of us.


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